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Dot Com Truths MEMBERSHIP brochure

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Dot Com TruthsMembership OrientationHey there, Eran here.Welcome to the Dot Com Truths membership (or DCT, for short).The DCT membership is available for everyone who wants to makemoney online.You can be a paid or free member - I have resources to serveeveryone.At one point or another, I certainly hope you join me in one of mypaid membership options - but this is entirely optional.I have created plenty of free resources to serve you at every stepof the way.If you are reading this PDF, you are already in my world and canconsider yourself part of Dot Com Truths.Even if you are not in the paid membership.

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The paid memberships simply offer a higher level of resources andsupport to be able to help you achieve success, and further, ithelps fund the possibility of making my resources and informationavailable to those who truly can’t afford to be a paid membereven if they wanted to…I know what that is like - that is exactly where I was in late 2016 /early 2017 when I was unemployed and unable to get a job. Tryingto figure out how to make a living.I was there too - and I am grateful to be able to serve others tocome out of that situation.This member onboarding was created to give clarity and directionto my paid members and is the first resource I share with themwhen they join my membership.But I wanted complete transparency with everyone who maycome across my world whether they are a free or paid customer.So this PDF is made publicly available, and you don’t even need toenter an email address to read through this from A to Z.Share it with anyone you know who you think might get value fromthis.

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These are some of the core values of Dot Com Truths:★ Honesty★ Generosity★ Transparency★ Help unconditionallyI hope this PDF demonstrate these core values.Just in case we haven't met...I do NOT have a high-ticket course to sell youI do NOT have a high-ticket coaching program to sell youI do NOT promote other people's high-ticket programsALL my content is 100% original - I do not use AI tools to write myemails, blogs, checklists, video scripts or any of my free or paidcontent.Everything is based on my own learning, testing, and actualexperience.All was put together through hard work and consistency.

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I live as a digital nomad and travel (you can check my currentlocation on my Instagram profile).I serve online entrepreneurs exclusively with low-priced andaffordable products and services.I live off passive income from affiliate marketing.I have a membership business, all low ticket, with 100s of payingmembers.I have 100s of happy customers and lots of verified reviews (andvideo reviews too).Don't just listen to me - google my name and check it all out foryourself.Lots of scams and BS marketing hype online.I am extremely hands-on with serving people and you can reply toany of my emails and expect a reply from me in a reasonableamount of time.Love to connect with you on a more personal level.Try me…

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Now that we got that out of the way… let’s begin with giving youclarity and guidance to get you on the right path to success inyour online business!Pro Tip: I recommend you read this entire PDF from beginning toend without clicking ANY of the links.Only when you’re done reading, you’ll have the big picture and youcan go back to the beginning and dive deeper in to the area thatare relevant to you.You may be on either one of my paid memberships (or areconsidering them):➔ Templates & Guides Membership➔ DCT Plus Membership (monthly or annual)➔ DCT VIP (annual or quarterly)Membership Tiers:Since my membership launched in April 2021, it has evolved greatlyand people joined at different times and so I must clarify thedifferent access levels.Templates & Guides members have access to 100s of theTemplates & Guides (, Canva and Emails).

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People who joined Templates & Guides are able to add Tech Support, which when combined, is called DCT Plus.DCT Plus Members have access to Templates & Guidesmembership and also Tech Support.DCT Plus Annual members received additional bonus resources.DCT VIPs have access to all the resources in the membershipsabove (this membership tier is application-only, and is the one tierthat has direct coaching access to me 1-on-1 through mycoaching app).I will be linking in this PDF the various resources and direct lessons,which will only work if you are logged in and if you have the rightaccess level.I will try to colour-code the links accordingly so you know what youhave and don’t have access to.A standard link in blue means it is accessible for free (for example,YouTube videos, blogs, and “Starting an online business”mini-course resources).

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Community, Collaborations and Tech Support:There are 2 communities available, these are free for Tech support, join that if you are using Com Truths Community, everyone should join that (youmust answer the email address question to get access, evenif you are already on my list - just enter your email address):https://dotcomtruthsgroup.comWithin an hour of submitting your email address to the DCTCommunity FB group, you’ll get access emailed to you with thecourse “Starting an online business mini-course”.You must just enter your email address. Don’t type “I’m on your listalready” or “this is my email address…”Just type the exact email address you want the course access tobe sent to.Within an hour, it’s automated to approve you and send you anemail with access.Action step: join the FB communities and come back to thisPDF to continue

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If you are a paid member already, skip this page and go to thenext page:Free member resources accessAs a free DCT member, you have free access to the following:An ever-growing library of YouTube tutorials and trainingvideos (100s)High-quality blogs on topics of affiliate marketing, clientsacquisition, and more.Tech support community (if you are customer)Collaboration and Connection Community (Dot Com Truths FBgroup above)Access to my course “Starting an Online Mini-Course”Landing Page Challenge Checklist to build an email Onboarding ChecklistWebsite DIY Creation resourcesand more being added on a regular basis..

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The Success Journey for Your Online Business:No matter what you signed up for or even if you are reading thisPDF as a free member, the goal is always to help you go from anidea to living off passive/recurring income through 1 of the 5 routesI teach in this video. is your first step.Watch this video and choose 1 of the paths.It does not mean you won’t do the other things, but pick 1 andfocus.

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The 6 stages for your success journey:Before we dive into more detailed action steps, let’s simply defineand elaborate on what those stages are and what they mean.Stage 1: The Newbie Stage“I want to make money online but I have no idea where to start”.Or “I want to make extra money on the side but don’t know how.”Or “I don’t understand funnels, landing pages, email marketing,this is all new to me.”

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This is the point where you have become aware that the possibilityis there. But are seeking guidance.This is the point where you are most vulnerable to being soldhigh-ticket courses, coaching programs, and other things that youare simply not ready for as you just have absolutely no idea what’sgoing on and you don’t understand the rules of the game yet.You are frankly, an easy prey.Open your eyes and learn what is possible, but don’t pay any crazyprices to ANYONE!At this stage, you are mostly a consumer until you get an idea ofwhat you want to do based on the options you learn about.Stage 2: The Idea StageNow you have a bit more understanding about what’s possible.- Selling courses- Selling eBooks- Selling Coaching- Selling Templates- Affiliate Marketing- Membership- Private Label Rights (PLR)- Master Reseller Rights (MRR)- Social Media Marketing- YouTube

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A new world of possibilities which you did not know existed before.It is exciting yet overwhelming at the same time.You need to start formulating your goals, who you want to serve,how you want to help them, what you want to sell them, etc.Stage 3: The Focused StageThis is the stage you will spend the most time to get traction.You are going to get so much temptation to dabble in ideas andremain at stage 2.But you have to move forward.You have to pick something and FOCUS.There are exact RIGHT actions you need to take while on this stagewhich you have to stay focused on and not get distracted by ShinyObject Syndrome.In this stage, you have:- No or few customers- No or few leads- No or small email list- No or few testimonials- No or bare website/funnel- No or unclear service

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There are only 3 things you need to focus on at this stage.(1) Creating and perfecting your offer(2) Making yourself known and getting customers(3) Delivering excellent service to your customersRinse and repeat.Think of these 3 points as a circle of your business focus.This is called a Flywheel business model but has many other waysto describe it.

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Here’s the blueprint to follow:(1) Get a skill that you can use to serve others - a skill theywould be willing to pay for.(2) Make yourself known to your immediate circle and startmarketing your new service/skill.(3) Get your first client.(4) Do an incredible job delivering the service.(5) When done, request a testimonial and/or a referral.(6) Learn from the experience and pay attention to whatyou can improve and optimize. (making your offerbetter, making your service better, creating a bettersystem, etc).(7) Use this knowledge to get a second client.(8) Get in front of other people’s audiences to get your nextclient/s.Rinse and repeat.Over and over and over.1 client at a time.1 successful project at a time.

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Stage 4: The 1-on-1 StageStages 3 & 4 goes hand-in-hand.You will be doing a lot of 1-on-1 whether it’s podcast interviews,1-on-1 conversations, or just making connections.People can get obsessed with “building an audience” or “buildinga following”.You realize in this stage that you are serving other humans.An email subscriber or a customer isn’t just a number.It is another human with a problem that you are helping solve.1 by 1 by 1.Hence, the name goes “The 1-on-1 stage”.You learn so much about your market, your audience, and yourselfin this stage.

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Stage 5: ProductizingProductizing is where you are starting to make money withouttrading time for it by selling Digital Products.The exciting part that most people want to reach so badly.I am guessing you are one of them, right? Well, there’s a negativeside to this step.Have you ever experienced trying to sell courses online, launchinga membership or creating sales pages and offers that simply donot sell…That’s because you tried to do Step 5 prematurely without doingthe earlier steps.Some people jump straight to Step 5 by buying PLR courses or MRRcourses (PLR = Private Label Rights, MRR = Master Reseller Rights).Or they make the jump to Step 5 by purchasing some sort ofHigh-Ticket Affiliate Program offer in the hopes of trying to sellothers on the same “proven system” (aka Pyramid).There are exceptions, some people make it work.

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Most times they manage to make it work because they went viraland quickly built a following on social media, or they already hadan established following.These exceptions are typically the people you seeshowcased in success stories and case studies to lure in the“Newbies” from Stage 1 to buy into these Courses &Programs. Do not fall for it (like I did and many others do).But if you are like the majority and just got started, you are startingfrom ZERO.So skipping to step 5 is going to simply not work for most people,which is why the majority fail because it’s just too early.This goes back to Shiny Object Syndrome.People want to reach Step 5 so badly and start making passiverevenue with digital products…They see people on Instagram or TikTok saying how they earnedobscene amounts of money with digital products and that theyhold the key for others to do the same.It is truly misleading.

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As the saying goes, “what seems to be too good to be true,probably is.”But people want the same result so badly that they are willing topart with their money to get there faster and start buying into“proven systems” or “high ticket courses and coaching” programsthat give the impression they will take you by the hand to reachthe promised land of passive income.Chances are, you are reading this PDF because you have alreadyexperienced this and now that you are reading this you’re like,“that’s so me!”.Stage 6: Automations & SystemsThis is a stage that goes hand-in-hand with everything.I am going to spend a bit more time with you explaining theimportance of this Stage because it is truly the difference betweenhaving a job and having an online business.Automations and systems are what make the possibility ofmaking money without trading your time for it possible.That is my main forte with my online business.

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One of the reasons I sell a membership is because it is an ongoingvalue that I continue to provide at every stage of your business.You can always automate, systemize and streamline thingsbetter.I have 100s of these automations and systems in my business thatI will share with you over the coming months and years so long asyou stick with me on this journey to find success online.How to automate things so they are done ONCE and never have tobe done again because they continue to work in the background?How to create systems that simply do the heavy lifting for you sothat you can make money when you aren’t actually “working”?This is something that slowly but surely builds over time.Here are some examples:➔ This PDF you are reading. That is a system to orient newmembers so when they join and they want to know “whatnext?” they can always refer back to this, identify the stagethey are at and know their next steps.

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➔ The video listed above, the Success Journey for Your OnlineBusiness, I recorded it once and I can share it with peopleover and over and over.➔ The slides from this same video. These are digital assets I canuse for other webinars, live streams, or PDFs like this one.➔ The software I am using to host this PDF is, and enables me to update this PDF incase I need to remove or add resources, remove or addpages, so that this PDF states current and up-to-date.➔ The course I put together, “Starting an online mini-course”and all the videos inside it. I can share this course with amillion people and it won’t cost me any extra money or timeto share this knowledge. That is a system.➔ When you joined the Dot Com Truths Facebook Group andsubmitted your email address, within an hour you got accessto that course. How? Automation that I have working in thebackground. A Chrome extension sends the information tomy course platform and triggers an automated email andyour logins to the course. That is an automation. I set it upyears ago and haven’t touched it.I want to dive deeper into one of these automations and systems,as you will need it set up in your business as one of the first things.

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This basic automation and system is called a List Building Funnel,which is a tool to build your own email list, your own audience.A list-building funnel includes these 4 elements:➔ Landing Page➔ Lead Magnet➔ Thank you page➔ Email SequenceI visually define and explain there here:

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Here is a screenshot of a landing page I have to build an email list.On this landing page, I offer a checklist for free (the checklist is thelead magnet), to teach people from A to Z how to launch their ownList Building Funnel.Once someone gives me their name and email and clicks thebutton to get the free resources they are taken to a thank youpage where I make an offer to sell them a digital product for $5.Some say yes, and some say no.They are now on my email list and are subscribed to an emailcampaign that has 5 emails pre-written and are automaticallysent over the next 10 days which they receive to check in on theirprogress.

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In these emails I focus on making an affiliate sale of my preferredfunnel software and also selling them that same $5 course Ioffered them earlier on the thank you page. If they buy the $5course, that email campaign stops.You might be wondering… What’s the deal with the $5 course? Whyso cheap? Does it make any money?Well, it is not just a $5 course… it has an order bump, upsells anddownsell. Here is a screenshot (16 February 2024) of the revenuegenerated from this simple List Building Funnel and the digitalcourses that are set up as part of it.This is a powerful system that is fully automated and makes mepassive income daily without me lifting a finger…

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And wondering about the passive affiliate income?(Screenshot from October 2023)By the way, just 4 months later, 16 February 2024, that $25K USDaffiliate income is over $36,000 USD.If you’re asking “how?”, don’t worry about it right now - all that iscoming later with the Affiliate Marketing Path and Digital ProductCreator Path.I hate having to share numbers to “prove a point”.But if you’re new to me, you do not know me at all and have noidea - so I am sharing snippets of proof with you now.

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I know that you need to be reassured that I know what I am talkingabout.If you are a free member, you can learn more about my DCT Plusmembership anytime by visiting you are already a member, skip to the next page.

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Let’s get into the ACTION STEPS in alignment with the Stages we justspoke about and the 5 different paths.Stage 1 & 2: Newbie & Idea StagesStep 0: What does success look like to you?Online business, entrepreneurship, finding customers, learning newskills, practicing, testing - all the things you’ll need to do is veryhard!Without the proper motivation, you’ll give up way too easily.Action Step:Open up a Google doc by typing “” into Google andlist out your emotional reasons, your why, what drives you.Step 1: Set your goals and quantify your progressthrough numbersAt the end of the day, you are doing this to make money. Starttracking it and quantify it. It is a measurement of your success andis an indicator that you are doing the right actions on aday-to-day basis in business.

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Action Step:Open a Google sheet and type “” into Google andlist out:●All your debts/liabilities● All your recurring expenses● All your subscriptions/memberships● Seasonal expenses● Your income source/s● Luxury expenses (nice-to-haves)You can read more about this topic on my blog post: Statistics,KPIs & Your Financial GoalStep 2: What do you need to make money online?

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Action step:Do a complete brain-dump on the Google Doc you startedearlier and articulate the following points:1) What are you selling, why are you selling it? What price point?2) Who are you selling it to and where are you finding them?3) How are you delivering the product or service?Here is a list of additional questions to help you brainstorm this:● What is your idea for a business?● Who do you serve?● What problems do you solve for them?● How do you help them?● What are you selling?● What price points?● How are you getting their attention?● What do you offer for free?If you are a DCT VIP, share this Google Doc with me in ourcoaching app (email me in case you don’t have access).

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Stage 3: Focused StageThis stage is very difficult.Most people struggle with this stage and fall back to the ideastage because of lack of focus, lack of effort, and simply not doingthe work and hoping to find a shortcut.If you pay a coach $100,000 or $1, there is no escaping having to“do the work”.And by doing the work, I truly mean to hustle in finding those firstcustomers exactly as outlined in this Focused Stage.No amount of money you pay anyone is going to give you ashortcut to having to do the work on this step.But people continue to look for shortcuts, aka Shiny ObjectSyndrome to avoid having to do the work (knowingly orunknowingly).They say they “tried this and that and it didn’t work”, or they say“they don’t want to get in front of camera”, or “they aren’tcomfortable getting on a zoom call”, or whatever other reasons.Maybe some reasons are legit and valid.

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My point is that at the end of they day, these “reasons” translateinto excuses for not actually DOING THE WORK.I will now give you a rough outline of the roadmap for the 5different paths.● Coaching Business● Service Provider / Freelancer● Affiliate Marketing Business● Membership Business● Digital Product BusinessA more detailed outline will be done inside the paid Memberships.

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Service Provider & Coach Roadmap:My best resource for this path is covered in my 4-part video seriescalled “How to make your first $10,000 as a no-code websitebuilder”.

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This training isn’t just applicable to a no-code website buildercareer, but to ANY new coach or service provider. Steps 1-8 aboveis EXACTLY what you need to follow.Video 1 is completely free for everyone.Video 2-4 is available to people who are on paid planor are DCT Plus Annual members.You might be thinking about, “what kind of services you can learnand offer?”I can tell you a few that I would do in 2024 if I needed to start fromzero.Every one of these services I would try to offer in a VIP day method,done-with-you, i..e delivering these services 1-on-1 on Zoom withthe client/s.Although some of these skills would be better suited to be adone-for-you:➔ Instagram Comment/DM Automation Service➔ ManyChat Bot conversational set up service➔ Canva Video Editor for Reels Service

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➔ Canva Slides Creator Service➔ Product Mockup Creator Service➔ Custom Intro Videos Service➔ Tech Tutorials Video Creator➔ Virtual Summit Organizer➔ Bundle Organizer➔ Tech integrations VA for domain names, professional emailaddress, etc➔ Content Repurposer and Scheduling service➔ Lead Magnet Design and Creation serviceThese ideas are things I KNOW there is a market for and I KNOW Icould personally get customers who are willing to pay for theseservices (these are all skills I feel confident in my own ability to doright away or at least learn pretty quickly and pick up).There are other ideas I have for things others could do that are notsuitable for me personally.If you don’t know what half of these are, don’t worry about it.My point is - there are so many options!

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Affiliate Marketing Path:Affiliate Marketing is all about promoting other people’s productsand getting a commission when a sale is made.You want to build your own email list and market affiliate productswhen appropriate.Start by watching this Affiliate Marketing Free Course (YouTube)Action steps:Make a list of every single product or service you use and loveFrom that list, pick a product to promoteApply to join the affiliate programCreate content around the product (blog, youtube video, etc)Add your affiliate link to the contentAdvanced: Create a bonus page for the best affiliate offersAdvanced but recommended: Create Pretty Links for youraffiliate links using your existing domain using LinkRedirect.ioRinse and repeat this process with other products.

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Becoming an Amazon Affiliate & Building a List:To be an affiliate for Amazon and to build an email list, you have tohave a professional email address.That means buying a domain name and setting up a professionalemail address.If you haven’t done so already, these are costs you need to beaware of.I explain this further on this DCT hosting page.Your email marketing has certain regulations you need to complywith, which I explain in detail in a guide which you can get from methrough Instagram DMs.Free Resources:Learn more about Pretty Links in this blog postAffiliate Marketing BlogRecurring Passive Income Affiliate Marketing with BlogLearn more about my Partner Program

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Paid product and resources:Affiliate Marketing ChallengeFor existing product owners, login here DCT Plus Annual Members(included)Affiliate Information Page(if you want to promote this challenge and earn 80%)My recommended Pretty Links software is Switchey:’s how I have this domain and link shorters)Important note: I do not recommend you join any so-called“Business Opportunities” or “high-ticket affiliate coaching”.If you’re uncertain, leave a comment on my YouTube videos to askmy opinion about any specific program.

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Membership Business Path:I learned how to start and grow a membership in a 2K high-ticketcourse which I reviewed in this blog post.Not all high-ticket courses are bad, there is a time and place forthem.Let me be crystal clear: I am NOT affiliating this course tobeginners - if you are just getting started or do not have an emaillist, you should NOT buy this course!When I joined this course, it was the right time for me and mybusiness.I talk about this in much greater detail in the blog post which youcan read later.When should you have a membership?Launching a membership is something I recommend you only doafter you built a bit of an audience.100+ people on your email list.

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Without that size list, you should be working on buildingrelationships and finding customers to work with 1-on-1.Membership is much more a 1-to-many business model.Getting into the Membership Mindset & Subscription EconomyMemberships and subscriptions is all around us.That is the MEMBERSHIP MINDSET you need to get yourself into.You're already part of that economy whether you like it or not - asa consumer.The question is - are you going to be a part of that economy as aproducer? as a service provider? or as a coach? consultant?expert? a community manager?There are many, many types of memberships and limitless ways toalign your business with some sort of a recurring revenue model.A membership business, or a subscription-based business, issimply figuring out what can you offer that is valuable enough inpeople's lives that they want to pay you every week/month/year toreceive that service.

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That's all.And to get into the right mindset - you need to start digging intoWHY you are subscribed to things.That's what this training video will discuss in greater detail andgive you the first practical to get into the right membershipmindset!Membership Launch Case Study:I do not have a course on launching a membership yet.For now, the best way I can teach you about membership is toshare a case study for when I launched the Templatesmembership - this is 100% free:

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Action Steps:Have an email list of at least 100 people before consideringhaving a membershipMake a list of all the subscriptions and memberships you area part of and figure out WHY are you part of them? Why doyou keep paying? What makes you want to remain amember? Raise your awareness about this membershipeconomy.Outline your success path (just like I set up a successjourney)Outline your membership offer in a Google Doc to your emaillist and do a founding member launch to get your firstmembersThere are lots more variables such as how to price it, what to offer,and more. I do not yet have a paid product to teach this. I teach allthe key takeaways from the course I did in this blog postWhat I plan to teach is how to launch an Expert Q&A Membershipwhich I think is one of the best way to start a membership, which ishow I first launched it in 2021.I talk about that membership business model in my blog post, “MyYouTube Content & Monetization Strategy, Explained”

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Digital Product Business:I do not have a paid course that teaches how to create a course orwrite an eBook.I do have free resources on this, and a paid workshop.Here is a free video on how to map out a courseHere are the steps to mapping out a courseIn short, you want to pre-sell your course. Sell the course beforecreating it.I talk about this concept in this blog postIn the members area, I have a Workshop called “Pre-Sell YourFirst Digital Product” where I take you through the entire processfrom A to Z.PLR, Private Label RightsIf you are interested in the PLR world, please visit EranPLR.comIf you are a DCT Plus Annual member, you already have access asa bonus to the 8 PLR courses to resell as your own.

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Action Steps:Map out your courseWrite the sales page to sell the courseShare this sales page with potential customersPre-sell the courseDeliver the course live or record itRefine the course based on feedback and sell it again, betterthis timeThe Focused Stage, recap:

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Stage 4: the 1-on-1 stageStage 3 & 4 go hand-in-hand.When you are focused on Stage 3, as you should be, you inevitablyend up doing a lot of 1-on-1.The 1-on-1 isn’t just about closing deals and selling people or evendelivering.It is all about building relationships.Continued hustle to do so.This is why the resources in this step, are all about customeracquisition - arguably your biggest challenge.Getting more traffic and finding customers boils down to 3 steps:(1) Get in front of other people’s audiences(2) Make yourself known(3) Form meaningful connectionsDo this repeatedly over and over and over.

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By doing so, you will gain clarity on your exact “Strangers toCustomer” process and how it works.It won’t be right away, but as you repeat steps 1-3 above, yourprocess for “strangers to customers” will become clearer overtime.The best way I found customers was through other people’sFacebook group, and this is still one of the best way to find clientsorganically without paying for advertising.

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Here are the steps for Facebook Organic ClientAcquisition:Step 1: Banneroptimise your FB profile with a banner that talks to your idealcustomer and tells them to check the link in your profileIf you can make the domain easy to type, put it in the banner.There is a template for this in “Searchable Template Library”,search for “Facebook profile”

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Step 2: ProfilePut the domain URL in the FB profile.Don’t have all your socials or random links.1 link.Keep it simple and focused.Bonus tip: Pin a post to your profile.Pro Tip: You can do a Facebook banner tailored to each FacebookGroup.Step 3: Add Value UnconditionallyGo to other people’s Facebook groups and answer questionsthoughtfully with zero expectations of return (no pitching, no “I canhelp”, no DM me, etc).Genuinely try to help people with no strings attached and build upengagement so people start to know you. (strangers tocustomers)

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Answer people’s posts you feel you can add value and do so in away that makes you stand out until they reach out to you.(DM you or friend request)Step 4: Commenting the right wayIn the comment section, try to make your comment super helpful,(the longer is better).Space out the sentences.If it makes sense, encourage further engagement by asking aquestion at the end of the comment.There are several other key points on this strategy you need toknow.I cover these in detail in my free training video on TRAFFIC.Every corresponding resource to this Traffic Training wassummarised into a PDF with additional training resources.●Lead Magnet training●3 Types of traffic training●Organic Client Acquisition Blogs●My affiliate traffic sources, revealed

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●My YouTube Content & Monetization Strategy●YouTube video recording and posting checklistFree Resources:Watch my free training video on TRAFFICDownload the free Traffic Training PDFPaid Resources:Facebook Organic Client Acquisition (mini-course)Client Acquisition: How to find customers on Facebook withoutpaying for advertising

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Form Meaningful Connections:Part of the 1-on-1 Stage is to continue form meaningfulconnections.This means getting on Zoom calls, having conversations onMessenger, doing podcast interviews, etc.Here are your action steps to make this happen:Step 1: Make a list of people you want to connect with. Openup a Google Sheet and start building a list.Step 2: Find out their contact details and social media detailsand add them to the list.Step 3: Do something that gets their attention in a positiveway (engage on their posts, listen to their podcast and leavea review, DM them, email them, buy their stuff, etc)Step 4: Invite them on your podcast or YouTube channel orFacebook profile or Instagram live, etc...Example of a Podcast interview when someone invited me on and Italked about this

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Transitioning 1-on-1 to Digital Assets:One of the most important parts of the process of doing the 1-on-1is documenting things you are learning throughout these 1-on-1engagement with people.It does not matter if these are podcast interviews, discovery calls,coaching calls, sales calls, or anything else.These conversations will raise your awareness and the things youlearn there need to be documented into digital assets.For example, when you do sales calls, you should take note of anyquestions you had to answer on that calll.That is the FAQ section in the sales page for that offer you areselling so you can reduce or eliminate the need to be on the phoneto close deals.The FAQ library will grow as long as you take notes of questionspeople ask on sales calls.Until your sales page has all the information someone needs tomake a buying decision, ideally without having to speak with you.

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As you get more familiar and savvy with automations, systemsand processes, you’ll naturally start transitioning from Stage 4, the1-on-1 stage to the 5th and 6th stages.Stage 5: ProductizingStage 6: Automations & Systems

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Stage 5: ProductizingThis entire PDF, and every video and template and checklist andblog and course that I’ve shared, is a perfect exampleproductizing my knowledge.I have had 1,000+ Zoom calls with clients where I discussed variousconcepts in this brochure.The difference is I am documenting it all into a PDF for someoneread in their own time instead of trying to explain it all over a Zoomcall.By creating a digital asset like this, yes it took a fair bit of time, butonce it is done - I have taken my time out of the equation.The goal is to be able to reach many more people with less timeand hopefully generate more sales with less effort (if you arereading this and have never heard of me before).Or to give existing paying members clarity on their journey tosuccess in their online business.Either way - the point is that my time is not dependent once this isput together.

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And that is what you need to take away when you are creatingvideos, writing blogs, writing emails or commenting on someone’spost.Every one of these things can be turned into a digital asset that willwork for you from here on out if you use it correctly.You won’t know how at the beginning.But with consistency you’ll start putting the pieces together just likeI did.It’s a lot of work - but in my opinion, totally worth it.There are so many resources on how to productize yourknowledge:Learn video creation and editing with a simple tool like TellaStart a YouTube channel to start sharing value for freeUse my Canva Templates to create eBooks, presentations, andmoreThese are just some 3 examples as I want to keep this brief.

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Action Step: Build a content ideas bankThe one thing I recommend you do is open up a Google Sheet orGoogle Doc and start saving the content you are creating.Take notes of the questions you are answering about your productor service. Or questions you see your potential customers areasking.Save websites and social media posts of people in your industry toget inspired by. Start building this content idea bank.And to wrap up this stage, I have a bonus free training for you notavailable anywhere else:

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Stage 6: Automating & SystemizingOn this stage, the possibilities are endless. There is a 4step-process I follow here:Let’s talk about these:Prioritize and EliminateDo you write a to-do-list in the morning or before going to bed?Good.Do you ever finish it?

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Never!Why?Because half the stuff on your to-do-list is a waste of your timeeven thinking about it.After I write my to-do-list, I highlight or circle the 3 things I HAVE TODO that are actually going to move the needle in my business.Everything else, I ignore, i.e. eliminate.Here are my top 3 priorities:

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AutomateUnfortunately, as much as I want to eliminate everything thatdoesn’t fall under a, b, or c above - that’s not the reality ofbusiness.So what do I do if I can’t eliminate it?The first option is to automate.Here’s a classic example: invoicing!A small mundane task that I don’t have time for and used to wastetime on.Now, I have it automated.Automating something is usually cheaper than outsourcing.What if something can’t be automated?OutsourceThe next option in line is to outsource.Classic example: Taxes.Can’t avoid bookkeeping and tax filing.So I have an accountant that does this for me.

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SystematizeThis is the last component of removing yourself from the heart ofyour business.Creating a system that works independently of you.Hiring a virtual assistant to do work for you is one thing - buttraining them is another thing completely. That’s why you create asystem.Training tutorials on every hat in your business that can be turnedover to someone else to do.Documenting all the common questions you receive in yourbusiness into an FAQ library.All of that and so much more - that’s a system.

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Where are you at?

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This checklist is in no particular order.I just wanted to demonstrate all the basic things you need to havein place to be able to have an online business.How many of those can you check right now?This checklist is a GREAT start for you to start checking boxes tostay focused.There is nothing “quick” or “easy” about this.You are going to be forced to learn new skills.You are going to have to tick these boxes 1 by 1 and focus.You can do this with all my free resources - I have a resource forevery single one of the points in this checklist.You can accelerate it with the help of my paid resources(templates, software, courses, workshops) and membership andbe able to ask me and my team for help.My team and I are looking forward to serving you!Eran Bucai

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DCT Paid Members OnboardingDCT Plus MembersGo through the Tech Membership productonboarding lessonsSign up to support platform to be able to have asynchronousconversations with my teamAdd Group calls schedule to your calendarGo through checklist on the previous page and do aself-assesment on what is checked off and what isn’t

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DCT Paid Members OnboardingDCT VIPsHave your onboarding call with my VASign up to my coaching platform to be able to haveasynchronous conversations with me and my teamSubmit your next 3-months plan on a Google DocAdd Group calls schedule to your calendarBookmark the membership hub page